Thursday 29 July, 2021

re: COVID restrictions and class resumption post-lockdown

There are no direct references to the majority of our U3A activities in the Table of COVID restrictions published by the State Government from time to time, leading to a degree of uncertainty for all of us.

The Committee considers the restrictions pertaining to
a) Social gatherings and b) Community facilities as those most applicable to our activities. The Committee defaults to a cautious interpretation in deference to the COVID risk profile of our membership.

In the restrictions announced yesterday (27 July) and likely to remain in place until 10 August:
    • Masks must be carried at all times and worn both indoors or outdoors unless an exemption applies.
    • Social gatherings
        ◦ Gatherings in the home are not permitted.
        ◦ Public gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 people.
    • Community facilities
        ◦ are able to open, with a density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm
        ◦ maximum group size is 10 people
        ◦ Check-in Marshall must ensure attendees check in electronically.
Class Leaders who want to resume indoor face-to-face classes should check with Venues Coordinator Phil Hopley ( to determine whether your venue can accommodate 10 people at 1 per 4sqm.

Note: Class Leaders and class members are not obliged to resume classes or attend classes if they feel unsafe.

– Committee of Management