As if it Were Yesterday

This book is a collection of oral histories, as told by thirty three members of U3A Castlemaine Inc. Individually, they cover various aspects of life as lived by people every day, but collectively they are a comprehensive social history of the 20th century, throughout the world.

They give an insight into the extraordinary and interesting lives of our fore-bears, rarely,
if ever, seen in print. Such histories help us appreciate the enormous input the authors had in shaping our society. It is a book that will give depth to your grandchildren’s education. Older members of our community are an asset beyond measure. These stories demonstrate the value of the knowledge and experience they have to offer.

It is a high quality publication; 230 x 190mm format, 224 pages with 4-colour laminated cover.

As if it were yesterday: is due for release in June 2007. The retail price is $30.00 (incl. GST) plus $10.00 postage and handling within Victoria.

Contact the Castlemaine U3A secretary to purchase.

Some quotes in support of the book

As the CHSI aims to study, record and promote the historical heritage of Castlemaine and district, we believe that this collection of life stories will make an invaluable contribution to our collection and to the historical record of the town. It will be of great interest to the present generation and a valuable resource for future generations.
Professor Marjorie Theobald, Secretary,
Castlemaine Historical Society Inc.

The benefits of story telling and knowledge of elderly residents lives increases understanding and tolerance of the younger generation, many of whom are
their carers.

Merlyn J. Pritchard, Chief Executive Officer, Mt. Alexander Hospital Castlemaine

This project will add further to the community's history and the voices of age wisdom and experience will be preserved to throw light on the past. It will be a
great addition to our local history collection.

Pat Lakey, Head Librarian, Castlemaine Library

In its production this book has already contributed to the health of those involved, especially through relationship building, social connectedness and a sense of valuing of people’s lives and experiences. It is through contributions such as this that a community is supported in its identity and sense of pride.
Eileen Brownless, Chief Executive Officer, Castlemaine District Community Health Centre Inc.