This year, 2016, our group is led by a committee of 5....Sue Murphy, Brian Richardson, Barb Guerin, Greg Pridmore and Norma Rantall.

Each will lead the class for 2 months of the year covering a different topic or photographic genre.

We meet every Thursday at the Manse at 1.30pm, and have a mixture of in-house information sessions and field trips during the year.

If you are interested in joining, we’d love to hear from you. Just contact any of the five facilitators of our group at or telephone Sue Murphy on 5439 6010

People’s Choice Awards
As voted by attendees of U3A’s monthly coffee morning, and fellow U3A Digital Photography group members

November 2016 – Subject: Anything Goes
Joint winners
“This was our last coffee morning competition for the year. Therefore we decided on “anything goes” for our topic. Our members entered any two photographs they had taken during the year. These could be on any subject of their choice, so the variety of subjects made for an interesting display. The joint winners were (1) Greg Pridmore’s photograph of a flock of sheep on a country road“ and (2) Janet Waldie’s photograph of a water lily with a dragon fly sitting on the top.

(1) – Greg Pridmore

(2) – Janet Waldie


October 2016 – Subject: Black and White Photography

“ This month’s topic was ably lead by Norma Rantall. With a mixture of exercises, discussions and critiques, we learnt that there is more to this genre than just changing your camera settings.

It was an interesting subject, and forced us to look for the light and shade, suitable subjects, textures and patterns, and experiment with in-camera filters. This resulted in a wide range of photographs being presented. The People’s Choice Award winner from the U3A coffee morning was Russell Annear. As you can see, Russell’s photograph is a great example of a subject suitable for this genre. The line of bikes look like they are heading off into the heavens. The texture in the brick wall, and the bikes and their shadows are very eye catching.

Well done again, Russell.

Russell Annear, Photographer

September 2016 – Subject: Spring Has Sprung

“ This month’s People’s Choice Award goes to Jo (another dual winner this year). It was taken during one of our in-house photo shoots. This is a great example of see it and shoot it – don’t wait or you may miss the moment. Jo was amongst other photographers moving around the room. One was holding a torch directing it at a bunch of flowers. Jo managed to sneak this photograph under the arm of another photographer – and isolated the daffodil against the black background.

Jo said “This is one that just worked. I like the purity of the image and the flower, and the way it floats against the black”.

Jo C, Photographer

August 2016 – Subject: Out And About

“ This month’s topic was “Out and About”. The group visited many sites, including “the cascades”. Russell Annear’s photograph of the swirly water (see below) was a standout, and was a very popular winner. This photo was taken on one of our field trips to “the cascades”. Our new members are featuring in the winner’s circle this year, so well done to you all.“

Russell Annear

July 2016 – Subject: Abstract, Minimalist, Patterns
Joint winners
(1) Pam Connell, Photographer

“ Antares Iron Art Garden presents an overwhelming variety of shapes, colours and patterns such that it was difficult to know where to start. I took so many photos of so many different subjects with a view to covering all aspects of this months topic i.e. abstract, minimalism and patterns..this place offered them all in abundance. It was very difficult to choose just one photo but I selected this one because it is straight from the camera with no need for post production tinkering. The beautiful pattern made up of bike chains and cogs was ready made and the various colours of the metals depending on their degree of rust made a subtle and pleasing blend . “

(2) – Heather Spicer, Photographer

“I spotted this building in Bendigo recently and was lucky to have my camera with me. I think the multi-storey structure, near Target, is for car parking. The photograph was taken late morning in overcast conditions”

June 2016 – Subject: Birds, Animals (including insects)
Joint Winners
(1) Mike Forsyth - photographer

"A Huddle of Guinea Fowl" June2016 - It was a rainy day and I came across these Guinea fowl in a huddle looking a little miserable because they were getting wet. I chose this image because the composition was good in that they were framed by the light green, soft rose leaves and the group was within the radially arranged red bricks. The detail of their feathers and heads with their bright red wattles were features of the birds. My wife thought they looked like they were "birds with attitude".

(2) Jo Caspi – photographer

Bumble Bee in Foxgloves

May 2016 – Subject: Low light – Still Life
Joint Winners
(1) Mike Forsyth – Photographer

“This was taken on an evening in May whilst there was still light in the sky. The camera was manually focused two thirds of the way down the opposite platform and there was minimal crop-ping and no enhancement in post processing. I decided against increasing the exposure to show the upper part of the building because many of the lights such as the green one, became over exposed when this was tried.”

(2) Brian Richardson – Photographer

“ My photo was taken on Barb Guerin’s Low Light photography shoot at about 6 pm 24th May, just after dark. Not having tried low light photography before I was very pleased when I realised I was taking shots that were both colourful & in focus. In this street scene the hairdresser’s salon provided soft white light and clarity as well as warm colours.

The eye of the viewer is naturally drawn to the light of the salon initially before being gently led down the footpath, scattered with Autumn leaves, to the distant colourful Castlemaine street intersection which is highlighted by Street lights apparently floating in the “so blue” sky and colourful traffic lights below. (F/16.0 ISO 1600).

April 2016 – Subject: Landcapes
WINNER – Barb Guerin

“When the art group went to Harcourt North to do “plein air”, I took camera and tripod instead of pencils and sketch book. Gil’s farm sits in a gorgeous landscape of granite boulders and ancient red gums. The image blends three photos taken at different exposures so that there is detail in the distant vista and in the tree shadows. The image has a bleached look which I hope conveys the mid-day light”

March 2016 – Subject: Streetscapes
WINNER – Mike Forsyth, Photographer (new to the group this year – well done).

“The scene is looking down Frederick St during a downpour which is not a common event in early autumn in Castlemaine. I chose part of the original image which caught my eye of the light reflected from the wet road. The gutter contained brown plane tree leaves and water which overflowed onto the road. The ultimate focal point was the distant palm with the road in front having cars with lights reflecting off the surface.
Mike Forsyth – Photographer – apprentice”

February 2016 – Subject: Portraiture
WINNER – Lynda Prest, Photographer

“The winning photograph is of my brother, Trefor Prest, who makes amazing sculptures in brass, stainless steel and other metals. I took many photos that day at his studio but I chose this one for its simplicity and classical triangular composition. I also like the way the light is coming in from the window on the side.”