5 June 2018

2 March 2018

5 June 2018
3 February 2018

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May 30 2018
Tarilta Gorge Although Castlemaine had a huge dump of rain, the gorge had virtually no water flowing. Very hungry ground must have sucked it all up. A good walk and perfect weather for the 11 members.
Thanks for leading the walk Greg.

May 23 2018
Creswick Forest The beauty of the Le Greche Walk was stunning. We also passed large Pine Forests and followed part of the Gold Fields Track. The walk required travelling a large distance and we all enjoyed the changes in the landscape.
Thanks again John.

May 9 2018
Maldon Historic Area A lovely walk around the base of Mt Tarrengower. The granite outcrops are a very attractive place to take a rest and enjoy the views. There was one hill that tested the walkers and we all made it successfully.
Thanks Cheryl and Ron.

April 25 2018
Muckleford Railway Station to Castlemaine The weather was perfect. We had a good turnout of 32 walkers and who really enjoy the walk.
Surprisingly very few, if any, had been to car drop off point area at the end of walk, so that was interesting.
Thanks for organising the walk for us Peter and to Kevin for leading on the day.


April 11 2018
Jubilee Lake and the Wombat Forest. We enjoyed walking through another part of the Wombat Forest.
Thanks Frances.

March 28 2018
Whipstick Loop Walk at Blackwood. Over 30 members attended a very enjoyable day in the Wombat State Forest starting at the Jack Cann Reserve nearby the Garden of St Erth. Tricia lead the walk and John organised a social lunch for members and partners at the Blackwood Pub.
Thanks team.

March 14 2018
Domino Rail Trail. All our members enjoyed the very pleasant walk following the old railway track.. The filtered light through the trees was impressive. We also appreciated hearing Alan’s commentary about the Coliban River and the local trees.
Thanks Alan.

February 28 2018
Moonlight Flat Forest and Kalimna Park. A very enjoyable walk in Kalimna Park attended by over 30 members. The weather was very pleasant and most members attended the coffee gathering at the end. You can get a copy of the Kalimna map from the Castlemaine Visitors Centre and/or at this web page http://cartography.id.au/index.htm
Thanks Keith.

February 14 2018
Campbells Creek and Poverty Gully Track and Water Race. We had over 30 members attend this interesting local walk. The weather was just right.
You can get copies of the maps at the Castlemaine Visitors Centre and/or at this web page http://cartography.id.au/index.htm
Thanks Kevin.

January 31 2018
A local walk from the Octopus to the Botanical Gardens via Kalimna Park and back to the Octopus. 35 members participated in our first 2018 walk. Many new members have only been in Castlemaine for a very short time and we all enjoyed lots of chat.

Thanks Lorraine and her number one supporter Geoff. Visit this web site for more information about Kalimna Park. https://www.kalimnapark.org.au/