14 April 2019

10 March 2019

13 April 2019
12 January 2019

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10 April 2019
A cold morning and a 9 am start (daylight saving over) saw 28 walkers drive to the Muckleford State Forest, down the Red White and Blue Track to park at the junction with Water Res Track, where Greg joined us. The walk followed the RW&B Track and Dunn’s Track to the Dunn’s Reef mine site, with its spectacular open cut into the hillside. We then headed east off track for about 1 km to join Talbot Track, passing areas where DELWP has thinned the forest and domestic firewood was being collected. Talbot Track becomes Muckleford School Rd by a large farm dam, where we took Bell’s Lane Track to the Red White & Blue mine picnic area for a well earned morning tea. After checking out the deep mineshaft under the poppet head (from the Deborah United mine in Bendigo), we followed the RW&B Track back to the cars.
Thanks Peter.

13 March 2019
Lerderderg River Heritage Walk. Blackwood. Circuit
Hello walkers Another great walk that tested stamina and imagination. Stamina in that while one GPS app registered 9.1 km, another read 9.7. I did the longer one. Imagination related to what the area would be like with water. (Lerdergerg is a surveyor's spelling error. The surveyor meant to write Nancy Creek. Close...)
Thanks Keith


27 February 2019
What a great job Alan did for us at Fryerstown. 41 participants is a world record!! And coffee laid on from Melanie's Gaggia machine!! At the cemetery, however, one couldn't help but reflect on the last days of Elizabeth Smart and her tiny children: the field's frenzied clamour; the screams of babies and young children; the keening of desperate mothers; the shouts of angry drunks and men whose 3 metre square claims had been infringed; the smell of sewage and smoke and sweat. Bedlam. (P.S. The vaccination was for smallpox.) The walk was an excellent experience.
Thanks Alan for leading walk and Melanie for the coffee and cake at the Fryers Tea House.

13 February 2019
Ajax Mine. 35 excited Bushwalkers joined the early morning 8am and 8 degrees start. Jules and Rex lead us on a tour around the Ajax mine not far from Campbells Creek. Jules and Rex really do know a lot about the hidden gems in and around Castlemaine. If you would like to see inside the mine go to this youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmIzuOz4tzU
Thanks Jules and Rex.

January 30 2019
Castlemaine Well done to Gerry and his pacemakers for this morning's walk! It was certainly one for the CV. All finishers automatically qualify for front row seats should Red Faces ever make a return to TV. (Note to self: attach wheels to Esky before 13 February.)
Thanks Gerry.