Saturday 19 June, 2021

Resumption of classes, U3A Castlemaine

The Committee has closely examined the current COVID restrictions and determined that indoor classes can resume subject to strict criteria.

Provided ALL ATTENDEES are checked in electronically, we can apply a density quotient of 1 person per 2sqm. That density allows us to continue classes in the venues we were using immediately prior to this latest lockdown.

Up to 5 people are currently permitted to attend an in-home class.

Face masks are required outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained, and must be worn when indoors (except in the family home).

The Class Leader, or a nominated class member, will act as 'check-in marshal' and be required to electronically check in anyone who does not have a smartphone to check themselves in using the Services Victoria QR code.

• 'Marshal' checks in using QR code
• for non-smartphone attendees, the 'marshal':

        • opens Service Victoria app on their smartphone,

        • taps Contact tracing check-in

        • taps Having trouble? Check-in manually
        • enters six-character code for the venue (from the QR poster)

        • taps Submit

        • enters attendee name and phone number

        • taps Check into this location

        • This sequence must be completed for EVERY class member who cannot check-in using the QR code.

Class Leaders and class members are not obliged to resume classes or attend classes if they feel unsafe.

Coffee morning announcement
The Committee has also determined that the July coffee morning will not proceed. We hope to resume coffee morning gatherings in August.

Committee of Management
-- Terry Murphy Information & Communication Technology Coordinator
     U3A Castlemaine