Attending lectures at La Trobe University Bendigo


We are lucky to have an outstanding university at Bendigo, La Trobe, and luckier still as U3A Castlemaine members to be permitted to sit in on lectures at no charge. This great arrangement was set up around 2008 when two of our former presidents, Tom Comerford and Sally Kaptein, approached La Trobe.

Under the agreement, attendance by our members should not generate extra work or costs for the university, so we can only attend lectures, but not tutorials, field visits or practicals – and of course we don’t have to do any assessed work. This means we can just listen and do as much, or as little, of the recommended reading as we feel like.

Other students on the campus have been welcoming to our members, and some have shared notes and online material which is not accessible to us.  Some lecturers have also relaxed the rules on extra events. One of our members ended up in the State Archives reading to a blind student and a young student who couldn’t ‘read that old writing’.

     • Choosing a subject
     • Finding subjects on the university website
     • Finding the timetable on the university website
     • Using the university library
     • How to register
     • Help

Choosing a Subject
There are a great variety of stimulating subjects - critical thinking, creative non-fiction, planning, biology of the cell, environmental studies, exercise physiology, rural and regional issues in justice - the list goes on.  Many courses make no assumptions about previous knowledge, or for which life experiences are preparation enough. And if you went to university in the past, this is a great way to pick up something new, or to see what’s changed.

A growing number of courses are being delivered in ‘blended mode’ – courses delivered face-to-face to Melbourne students while those at other campuses watch on screen. Humanities and Social Sciences, Planning and Education have lecturers at Bendigo and some blended courses have lectures in Bendigo screened at the other campuses, so you need to check the arrangements for each course. Lectures in Media and Visual Arts are closely related to the practical workshops and studio elements, and as such aren’t suitable for U3A members.

Most subjects are run on a semester basis and have a one- or two-hour lecture each week for 12 weeks, starting either in the week beginning 5 March (semester one) or the week beginning 30 July (semester two).

Finding subjects on the university website
     • To view available subjects, click here.
     • User guide for searching subject

Finding the timetable on the university website
     • You can find the day, time and location of the lectures by putting the subject code into the search field on the La Trobe timetable page which you can access by clicking here.
     • User guide for finding timetable details

Using the university library
Use of the Heyward Library at Flora Hill is free for community members, however in order to borrow items you need to purchase a library card costing $30. Click here for further information.

How to register
Enrol in La Trobe University Lectures in the normal manner on MyU3A.
Complete the form U3A Castlemaine Registration for subjects at La Trobe, Bendigo
Copies of the form are also available at the U3A Castlemaine office.
Email ( the completed form, or return it to the U3A Castlemaine office, by:
• 19 February 2018 for semester one subjects, or
• TBN for semester two subjects

There will be a notice in the newsletter when it’s time to register for semester two.

For further help or information please send an email to or call or drop into the U3A Castlemaine office during office hours.