Twelve Common Questions

Is U3A Castlemaine a University? No. It is a place where older people are encouraged to share and learn about things of mutual interest.
How old do I have to be to join? There is no age restriction, but you need to be retired or semi- retired
Do I need qualifications to join? No
How much does it cost to join? The annual subscription is $50
Is there a charge for attending classes? Generally, no. A few some classes have a small fee to cover materials used.
How many classes can I attend? As many, or as few, as you wish – please consider your time commitments and the limited numbers for many courses.
When are the activities held? Most activities are held during the day on Mondays to Fridays.
Are classes held in school holidays? There are special activities organized for School Holidays, but some classes prefer to continue.
How often do class groups meet ? Each Group decides this. Some meet once a month, others fortnightly and others weekly. There are some “once off” short term activities.
Who are the class leaders? Some are members with special interests or knowledge from their previous work experience or from hobbies or recreation.
Others lead groups because they enjoy the challenge of learning and sharing with others. Yet others act as ‘convenors’ using the knowledge and skills available from members of the group.
How do I join a particular class or group? A prospectus outlining the courses that are to run for the term, semester or year is issued in December and available from the U3A Office, the Visitor Information Centre and the Community Information Centre in the Faulder Watson Hall. Enrolment days are held in conjunction with Membership Subscription renewals towards in January. Thereafter new classes and activities are advertised in the Newsletter where guidelines for enrolment are specified.
Who runs U3A Castlemaine? An annually elected Committee of ten Office Bearers and ordinary Committee members. Class representatives are encouraged to attend Committee meetings


In the University of the Third Age, the term “University” is used in the original sense, meaning a community of seekers of knowledge and understanding, for its own sake. It started in Toulouse, France in 1973. It had close ties with programs run by the University there.
The concept grew rapidly in England in 1982 and Australia in 1984, where the nomenclature of the ‘Third Age’ as the age of ‘active retirement’ following the first two ages (youth and work/homemaking) became accepted, but any formal connection with a university was rejected in Australia, and each U3A functions through the co-operation of its own members. Castlemaine U3A began its formal existence in June, 1988.


U3A Castlemaine is an autonomous organization, sharing through a ‘network’ of other Victorian U3As – U3A Network-Victoria Inc.
U3A Castlemaine recognizes and encourages adult education and learning at all levels.
U3A Castlemaine encourages and fosters the development of particular talents.

As a member of U3A Castlemaine, you
have a say in what courses are run.
decide how many or how few courses you wish to participate in.
can participate as a student., a class leader/tutor or both.

There are no
entrance qualifications
certificates awarded

Tutors and administrators are all voluntary
Lots of friends are guaranteed

Meeting Times

Coffee Mornings:
First Friday in the month at 10.00am at the Church of Christ, Blakely Road, Castlemaine.

Committee Meetings:
3rd Monday of the month at 9.30am in the Uniting Church Complex.


Castlemaine is a voluntary community organisation that provides low cost learning for people of the third age, enabling them to keep both mentally and physically active and alert.

Current Subscription Fee $50.00 + $15.00 for mailing of newsletter if required.
Members joining after 30th June pay 50% of the subscription rate.
Member of another U3A (Associate Members) —50% of the current subscription rate.

The membership subscription entitles members to attend as many classes as they wish. However, when planning your enrolment, you should consider your time commitments and the limited numbers for many courses.

Important Note for Online Subscribers
When you renew your membership with U3A Castlemaine it is very important that when you have completed PayPal you press the RETURN TO MERCHANT button, otherwise your membership renewal will not be finalised.

Membership application forms may be obtained from the Secretary

Complete the enrolment form and return to:
Course Coordinator
U3A Castlemaine, PO Box 792, Castlemaine
hand it in at the Enrolment Days,
November 25 – Membership renewal commences on MyU3A (not course selection)

December Friday 2 - 10am Coffee Morning and launch of Course Prospectus 2017

Enrolments - January 2017
Tuesday 10 - 8.30am-12 noon Enrolment morning at Uniting Church Hall
Wednesday 11 - 8.30am-12 noon Enrolment morning at Uniting Church Hall
NB: Enrolment on Thursday and Friday is scheduled to take place in the Octopus, the U3A office in Duke Street (opposite the Motel). No U3A activities take place on days of extreme heat (see page 5). If one or more of the enrolments days is cancelled, enrolment will continue at the Uniting Church hall on Thursday and / or Friday.

Thursday 12 - 8.30-11am - Enrolment continues at the Octopus, U3A office, Duke Street, opposite the Castle Motel

Friday 13 - 8.30-11am - Enrolment continues at the Octopus, U3A office, Duke Street, opposite the Castle Motel

Saturday 21 - 9am-11am - Course Leaders Information Session at Buda Garden Room, Hunter Street, Castlemaine

Friday 27 - 10am - Coffee Morning at the Uniting Church Hall

Monday 30 - Classes Commence

All enrolment forms should be submitted January 2017, so that class lists can be prepared.
Class lists will be available at the Course Leaders’ Information Session

March 3, 2017 - 10am Coffee Morning – venue to be advised in newsletter

"As If it Were Yesterday"
is a collection of oral histories,
as told by thirty three members of U3A Castlemaine
and published in a book

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 Ballet Russe video
Attendees of the final Castlemaine U3A Meeting for 2009 were entertained by a dazzling performance from a troupe of Ballet Russe dancers.
Members were entranced by their poise and aplomb, enthralled by their style and costumes.
Swept away by their virtuoso performance and the sheer vivacity of the dancers.