New members are welcome at U3A Castlemaine. Membership is open to anyone who is retired or semi-retired and you don’t need to have any expertise to share — simply be open to learning new things or participating in activities that interest you. Click here to see a video of some of the things we do.

Members Handbook
View the Members' Handbook here.

You can join at any time throughout the year. Normally, annual membership costs $60 per person, but in $2021 will be $20. All memberships expire on 31 December each year. If you join on or after 1 July the cost is half the annual fee.

Associate membership ($10 in 2021 - normally $30) is open to financial members of other U3As. There is no reduction applicable for Associate members joining on or after 1 July.
Financial members can enrol in any course at any time, although courses with maximum class size may not be available. Normally, where a course enrolment is full, you can still apply to enrol and you will automatically be waitlisted. If a place becomes available, the tutor will contact you.

Membership and course enrolments are managed through our MyU3A website. You can update your personal details, change your password, update emergency contacts, enrol in courses and notify absences. New members are issued a MyU3A login and temporary password.

What to do next
Find out more about U3A Castlemaine here.

See what classes are available here.

Apply for membership online here.

If you don’t have internet access, or prefer to apply for membership in person, go to the U3A Castlemaine office and a volunteer will be able to assist you. Please ensure that you bring your emergency contact details.

If you would like more information, or to speak to a volunteer, please contact the U3A Castlemaine office during our office hours.

If you find it difficult to participate on your own, visit or call the office (5472 2249) and make contact with a volunteer who might be able to help you by putting you in touch with a member who could make it more comfortable for you to participate.

 What members say about U3A Castlemaine
 A recent survey of U3A Castlemaine members discovered the following:

     •   About half live alone - U3A provides an opportunity for social interaction, reducing isolation.

     •   About two thirds live on limited income - The majority of U3A courses and activities are free.

     •   About one third are affected by some form of disability.

     •   U3A members are well-connected in the community.

 These were some of the comments members made on the survey:

“... U3A provides me with a valuable outlet for socialisation and enjoyment ...”

“It’s a wonderful way to spend my retirement years, learning and
participating in so many interesting pursuits.”

“Being fairly new to Castlemaine, U3A has been an invaluable way of
becoming involved and getting to know people in the community.”

Click here if you would like to see the Survey